The Jaguar XJ hits the dabbawalla trail

Tata Motors-owned Jaguar Land Rover's latest XJ model has hit the trail of the Mumbai dabbawalla's delivery system. Equipped with a new InControl Touch Pro system, the car helps to offer a relaxing drive and, with its navigation system, allows it to steer through traffic.

Dabbawallas are used by many Mumbai workers to take home-cooked food to their places of work in small tiffins or dabbas. They operate through a complex relay system involving trains, buses, bicycles and foot.

One lucky dabbawalla was given a chance to ride in the new Jaguar XJ-the InControl Touch Pro infotainment system replaced the noise and bustle of streets and luxurious massage seats replaced the hard bicycle saddle. The driver used the new navigation system to help steer through traffic as his rival dabbawalla took the traditional route.

The dabbawalla in the XJ said: "It was a very different experience to the one I am used to. The only massage I normally get is from the bumps in the road. Those seats were amazing. And I never knew Mumbai could be so quiet-it was like a different world inside the car".

Besides a weight-bearing jacket, which helps to carry multiple loads, using supports from lightweight but sturdy aluminium (the metal used for the body of the new XJ), its zoom mapping on the navigation system allowed the XJ to reach its destination with time to spare.