The Emperor's new clothes - Ducati Customization kits



It seems that these days, even riding a Ducati Monster just won't cut it anymore. Sure, it's a good thing when more people get to have a fling with the Italian thoroughbred, but that just makes the bike more, er, common. Anybody with the money can get one of these motorcycles into their garage but now, Ducati's willing to help you make your Monster truly yours and very unique.

The manufacturer now sells 'Monster Art' body kits that will allow owners of the 696, 796, 1100 and 1100S to personalise their bikes by playing around with panels and other bodywork, in as little 10 minutes. The goodie bag includes stuff like a seat cover, tank covers, a teeny-weeny bikini fairing and a mudguard. Oh, and they come in 10 themes - from the Isle of Mann 79 to the immortal Imola 72!

And lest I forget, these kits are on sale in the US for $599.99. Yeah, that's about 28,800 Indian rupees. Holy duck!