The Beginning

It's almost every young boy's dream to be a race car driver not to forget the odd girl as well. In the world of motorsport there are way too many options today. I'd say it's like a ladder that begins to fork out into several directions soon after the first step.

It's a sunny Sunday afternoon and you want to do something fun before the end of the day. If Go-Karting is the first thing that comes to your mind, then my friend, you're a race driver (Well, almost.)! Every motorsport enthusiast knows that karting is where a successful race driver's career begins. Unfortunately for us, the access to Karting in India is rather limited. There was a period about ten years ago when Karting was a craze but unfortunately that seems to have just faded away slowly.

Anyhow, I'm not here to demoralize you! There are still a few Karting tracks and academies in various cities and with the bug catching on after the success of the Indian GP, and it's only a matter of time before we see tracks sprouting like trees. At present we do have world class facilities for Go-Karting in cities like Hyderabad, Kholapur and Coimbatore but like I said, it's growing faster than that IT building next door!

Personally, I spent five years Karting before I moved to Single seaters and then to Touring cars. For one, it provides an extremely good base for you entire motorsport career and it's also super fun! In a matter of 3 years you can move from local Karting to world level Karting which can provide you experience like no other. Once this is done, you reach a fork in the ladder. Now that's where things get tricky.

For now, grab your shoes and get yourself behind the wheel of a Go-Kart!