Tesla Might Setup Battery Factory in India

After PM Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Tesla Motors factory in Silicon Valley, California last month, speculations regarding Tesla setting up shop in India have cropped up. The primary focus of Mr. Modi’s visit was Tesla’s Powerwall battery packs. The visit was carried out with an objective of procuring off-grid electric power technology for India. Tesla has been on a lookout for quite sometime now and also presented a possibility of setting-up a car manufacturing facility in China. The American electric carmaker has plans of building a car battery plant in India. Tesla’s electric cars use lithium ion batteries, which are also seen in cell phones. A manufacturing facility of such batteries will be called a “Gigafactory”.

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla said "Given high local demand, a Gigafactory in India would probably make sense in the long term."

Responding to the speculations of Tesla’s expansion to China, Elon Musk said tweeted and clarified that it will be three to four years before the company might start building the facility in China. This move will then correspond with the launch of Tesla’s Model 3, which is expected to be company’s electric car for the mass-market.

Tesla has made great strides with its work in electric car technologies. Recently, Tesla’s Model S, which costs around Rs. 60 lakh, got a software update and now features an Autopilot function, which helps the car drive almost autonomously.

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Source : CarDekho