Terra Motors' Y4Alfa e-rickshaw launched in India

Japanese electric vehicles maker Terra Motors has launched its Y4Alfa e-rickshaw in India. Priced at Rs. 1.3 lakh, the e-rickshaw has a range of 100km on full charge. It weighs 380kg and can accommodate 5 five including the driver.

The e-rickshaw gets powered by a Terra battery unit which is priced at Rs 27,000. The Terra Battery is manufactured in Bangalore and has a life span of at least eighteen months.

The Y4Alfa e-rickshaw offers low running costs compared to a gas-powered vehicle and has a small turning radius. It also features rain covers that can be pulled down as and when needed, according to company sources.
“India is the second largest producer of three-wheelers in the world. Hence, India is an important market for us. We plan to sell 30,000 units of e-rickshaws and 20,000 sets of Terra Batteries by the end of the fiscal year,” Teppei Seki, country director, Terra Motors said.
“We are committed to bring in high quality Japanese offering and services to the Indian market. Along with the product superiority, we also aim to enhance our sales and service support though the seasoned dealers in order to enrich customers experience,” he added.

Terra Motors Corporation, which is the leader in manufacturing electric two and three wheelers in Japan, is headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo and currently has over 1,000 dealers and 3000 service networks in Japan.