Tata to introduce ZICA 7 Senses: A Unique Customer Experience


Tata Motors has been testing the waters in India for quite sometime. After a lot of ups and downs, the homegrown automaker seems to be heading towards the right direction, especially when it comes to winning the trust of customers. Taking the same thing in mind, Tata Motors has announced to launch a unique initiative known as ‘ZICA 7 Senses’. As we all know, Zica is the next big launch from the company, the car which has so far, seem to have passed the test of time. So company will be banking on this new ‘ZICA 7 Senses’ to bring consumer closer to the brand.

The new customer immersive experience will be rolled out in a phased manner and will cover 7 senses of a human being viz. Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste, Touch, Intuition and Equilibrium, as part of the campaign. The new campaign is conceived to make the customer feel exuberant and young at heart, rather than fostering monotonous chores of daily life. The 7 senses have been briefed down in order to understand the perspective.

SIGHT: There is a saying that ‘love happens at first sight’. That is exactly what Tata meant through this sense, that truly reflects the IMPACT design language that one would come across when seeing the bold character of the car. The company will be launching a new Virtual Test Drive App for a unique 3D experience.

SMELL: Tata Zica as seen in the images, is a never before product from Tata. The car aptly connects the mindset of today’s youth and make him/her feel great and energetic. Looking into these aspects, the carmaker will introduce ZICA signature fragrance that goes well with the spirit of youth.

SOUND: ‘Connectivity’ is the most sought after thing by consumer of today. Recognising the need for the same, Zica hatchback has been bestowed with advanced Harman infotainment system, powered by 8 surround sound speakers and speed sensing volume control. To further enhance the music experience, the company will be introducing ZICA anthem, a special soundtrack of the new generation that can be played via the same infotainment system. The top sound quality is sure to pump the adrenaline.

TASTE: Taste is another significant sense that makes one feel the true meaning of nature and its core components. Human life isn't all about making big achievements, but the accomplishment of little things. Being aware of these facts, Tata will introduce ‘Zica Chocolate’ to signify the true spirit of life.

Tata Zica interiors

TOUCH: Without touch, the meaning of the word ‘connectivity’ would be incomplete. Tata’s ConnectNext Infotainment system is part of its new design philosophy. Zica will also incorporate these elements, but with additional touch-ups. The car will be offered with new Smart Apps ‘NAVI’ and ‘Juke Car’. When connected to a smartphone, the former displays turn by turn navigation on the screen and also provides info on Estimated Time of Arrival and Next Maneuver, simplifying the navigational driving. It is compatible with steering mounted controls, speed volume control and offers complete phonebook on the go.

The Juke App is another unique approach in ‘touching’ the life of today’s youth. What it basically does is to provide a virtual network created via mobile hotspot, allowing a list of songs to be shared via different smartphones. All this can be achieved with a touch of a finger.

Tata Zica interiors

INTUITION: Zica hatch has been intelligently designed to take the spirit of innovation further. There are 22 different utility spaces provided in the car like cup-holders on front console, tab holder in glove box, smart storage on dashboard, drive side pockets. etc. to make travelling easier than before.

EQUILIBRIUM: Balance is a calm state of mind everybody in the world is looking for. The youth of today wants best in class mileage and peppy driving experience in their cars which could set the equilibrium in their life. Zica possesses both these attributes which will certainly attract the young generation at large.

It is rightly said by the company “Great things happen when your senses are awoken. And the ZICA will do that in 7 different ways”.  

Watch First Drive of Tata Zica

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Source : CarDekho