Tata Nano and the mysterious fires


It may be the world's cheapest car, but there are plenty of concerns being raised about the Tata Nano, especially after they've been bursting into flame of late. It is reported that one such Nano owner, whose drive turned scary when the car caught fire, is still shaken by the entire incident, and is also shocked that Tata hasn't apologised to him and his family. The man has reportedly stated that Tata informed them that they regretted the inconvinience that was caused to the family but the car that was sold to him was unfortunately a pre-production car not meant for sale.

What the owner is upset about is that Tata might have offered to refund his money, but that won't help matters such as the fact that his son is now too scared to get into any car. He wants to know why Tata hasn't managed to solve the mystery behind why Nanos are catching fire at all!