Tata Motors unveils new 'Impact' design language for upcoming passenger vehicles

Tata Motors has unveiled its new ‘Impact’ design language for the upcoming passenger vehicles. Carmaker’s upcoming hatchback Zica, which will be making debut on 20th of this month, is going to be their first product under this new design language.

“With the recently unveiled Zica as the first new product under this design language, the Impact design forms the over-arching design brand which stands for ‘Immediate Impact at first sight. Lasting Impact over time,” the company said in a statement.

The Impact design further distils the design elements that can be expected from all Tata Motors passenger vehicles. It will be achieved through key design elements on the exterior and interior.

Here’s what Tata Motors have to say about the definition of their new Impact design language.

The exterior design will be defined through ‘EXciting’, ‘EXpressive’ and ‘EXtraordinary’ features: EXciting architecture and pleasing proportions will be standard; for example, best-in-segment size and location of wheels, perfectly proportioned cabin-to-body ratio and hood-to-cabin relationship.   EXpressive surfaces and graphics; for example, front face framed by the humanity Line, dynamism amplified by the slingshot Line, and movement created by the diamond window.  EXtraordinary: Details inspired by Indian architecture.

The interior of the vehicle will be defined through ‘INviting’, ‘INtelligent’ and ‘INtouch’ features: INviting interior architecture and proportions including layered cockpit design, driver-focused layout, and outstanding textures, fabrics and materials. INtelligent cabin layout with clever storage spaces, surprise and delight features. All displays, commands and controls will be within easy and intuitive reach. INtouch and connected to the world inside and outside the vehicle.

According to Pratap Bose, Head, Design, Tata Motors, “You can either win or lose a potential customer within the first 20 seconds of them seeing a car. However, the customer stays with you based on the long-term experience they have with the product or service. Impact Design is exactly about an Immediate and a Lasting Impact, Design has in our lives, and environment. From ‘INtelligent’ use of space, ‘INviting’ interiors and ConnectNext features that make you feel ‘INtouch’ with the world inside to EXpressive, EXciting’, and EXtraordinary exterior features. With the ZICA we have started this journey.”

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Source : CarDekho