Tata Motors' T1 Prima Truck Racing on 15th March

Tata has now bought the second season of T1 truck racing into force with a better product and also on a bigger platform as compared to previous year. With this second season it is trying to bring the concept of truck racing in india especially for the younger generation. This is expected to change the mind and thoughts for driving a Truck as a fashion product and not any more as a boring engine box carrying tons of load!

The new truck has been revamped from its exterior to its engine thus changing overall figures of its mechanics and dynamics as well. The Tatas have received immense support from various partners from all over the world, from Cummins, WABCO, JK Tyres, Castrol to Tata technology itself being one of its sponsors. With the help of these supporting partners the Tatas have been able to built a better Prima product than before.

The Prima has been tweaked in such a way that it is now 10% lighter in weight, more in power, higher in speed & acceleration (to be more precise powerful torque figures) and also with better brake cooling system. With combining technologies from various contributors the Prima will be running at its top speed of 130-135 km/hr as compared to 115-117 km/hr in 2014 season 1. The overall figures behind this speed are that the truck will be powered by a whooping 370bhp produced at 2100rpm. To ensure highest levels of safety the machine was put under vigorous condition like running the tyres at 170km/hr, checking clutch conditions post run, and many more tests.

These huge machines also require experienced drivers to drive them on F1 tracks. As of now the Tatas have arranged a group of foreign truckers but for future run bunch of Indian drivers will be hand picked and trained for the future seasons. The selection of these Indian drivers will be picked with the help of well-organized selection rules. From few hundreds only top 16 drivers will form the Prima truck racing grid.

The Prima T1 truck race season 2 will be conducted on BIC track in Delhi, Noida on March 15, 2015. The race will be divided into two race 1 would a sprint race consisting of 10 laps of 3.1kms each while the race two will be one 15 laps straight, each 3.1kms. The heats will be conducted on 14th March while the final race will be on 15th of March.
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Mr. Ravi Pisharody, Executive Director, Commercial Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors, said, With the first edition of the T1 PRIMA TRUCK RACING CHAMPIONSHIP having produced some very exciting races, we are pleased to announce the next season in 2015. As we enter season two, it is in our continuous endeavour to remain the most preferred trucking brand and I wish to thank our sponsors, team of engineers, consultants, organisers, volunteers and, certainly, spectators for creating a big sporting holiday with an unforgettable atmosphere.
Tata today has announced that this Prima Truck Racing will be declared as an annual event and will be welcoming more and more participants every year. Tatas seem to be very ambitious in taking a leap ahead to put thus event on the biggest scale ever and will also be looking forward to see its name in top 10 companies producing such racing trucks. Thus what we can understand is lets all young lads be ready to style your personality through this Prima Trucks and change the views and also encourage Truck Racing in our Nation!

Source : MotorOctane