Tata Motors registers 16% increase in global wholesales in January

Tata Motors group global wholesales in January, including Jaguar Land Rover, stood at 93,355 units, an increase of 16 percent compared to January 2015. The cumulative wholesales for the same fiscal were at 847,661 units, higher by 7 percent over the corresponding period last year.

Nearly 80 per cent of the volumes came from Jaguar Land Rover, which sold 427,193 units. Tata Motors' passenger vehicles posted an increase of 2 per cent to sell 110,244 units this fiscal.

Global wholesales of all passenger vehicles in January were at 56,616 units, higher by 14 percent. Cumulative passenger vehicle wholesales were at 537,437 units, higher by 11 percent.

Global wholesales of Tata Motors’ passenger vehicles in January were at 11,081 units, lower by 17 percent over January 2015. Cumulative wholesales for the fiscal were at 110,244 units, higher by 2 percent compared to the last fiscal.

Tata Motors commercial vehicles also registered an uptrend. Global wholesales of all Tata Motors’ commercial vehicles and Tata Daewoo range were 36,739 units in January 2016, higher by 20 percent. Cumulative commercial vehicles wholesales for the same fiscal were higher by 1 percent at 310,224 units.