Tata Motors launches next-generate of Ultra business utility vehicles in Kenya

Tata Motors has launched its next-generation range of Ultra business utility vehicles in Kenya, addressing customer requirements in the light commercial vehicle segment.

The Tata Ultra is designed keeping in mind changing customer needs, for a commercial vehicle based on superior performance, with a comfortable world-class cabin, heavy-duty aggregates and multiple load-body configurations.

Be it for large captive users, transporters or owner-drivers, the Tata Ultra offers the lowest overall cost of ownership, safety and offers multiple features, setting new performance benchmarks in the light commercial vehicle segment in Kenya. The Tata Ultra can cater to payloads ranging 4 to 11 tonnes and engine capacities from 125 HP to 180 HP.

“At Tata Motors, the core philosophy behind the launch of every new commercial vehicle is an endeavour to contribute to modernise the market we cater to,” said Ravi Pisharody, Executive Director, Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors. “The Tata Ultra launched today, is a result of extensive feedback from customers and an immersive study into the lives of drivers to better understand their expectations, and is thereby designed to fast-track their businesses with superior all-round performance.”