Tata Motors launches 55-tonne prime mover Signa 5525.S with 3 drive modes

Tata Motors on Tuesday launched its 55-tonne prime mover Signa 5525.S, which is powered by a 6.7-litre engine.


Equipped with three distinct drive modes (light, medium and heavy), Signa 5525.S is India's highest GCW (gross combination weight) prime mover in the 4x2 segment, Tata Motors said in a release.


The model offers the power of enhanced performance and lower total cost of ownership, thereby improving revenue and reducing operating cost, it said.


Tata Motors is the country's first manufacturer to get the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) certification of 55 tonne for a 4X2 prime mover, it said.


"With the introduction of the Signa 5525.S 4x2, Tata Motors continues its mission to be the pioneer in the Indian commercial vehicle industry with the widest range of products," said R T Wasan, vice-president (product line), medium and heavy commercial vehicles, Tata Motors.


He added that "Tata Motors is the first manufacturer to offer the 55-tonne GCW on a 4x2 prime mover".


Each of these new vehicles come factory-fitted with the Tata Motors' digital solution for optimal fleet management, the Fleet Edge, to further enhance the productivity of the fleet and improve customer profitability, he added.


The new model is available with the Signa cabin, offering 3-way mechanically adjustable driving seat, spacious sleeper berth, tilt and telescopic steering system and ample utility space, the company said in the release.


Moreover, advanced features like engine brake and iCGT brake give greater vehicle control and lower the maintenance costs, it said.