Talk wrench - Paint in the neck


No matter how meticulous you are with your bike’s maintenance, the paint is bound to get knocked off by pebbles and the like. Leave these chips as they are, and you are giving rust an open invitation. This month, we show you how to take care of these blemishes without breaking your bank account.


A few sheets of fine 1000 grade sandpaper, thinner, a small tin of correctly matched paint, a tin of zinc chromate primer (locally known as yellow zinc primer), two small brushes, some clean cotton rags, a working space that is well ventilated and well lit.




1. Put the bike on the centre stand. Remove all panels and inspect for chips in paint and rusted spots.

2. Using sandpaper, scrub away the paint around the dinged area. Remove all grease and rust from the area.

3.  Make sure there are no naked flames in the immediate vicinity. Wipe the spot on the bike clean with a thinner-soaked rag. Clean once again with thinner and another rag.

4. Mix the zinc chromate primer thoroughly. using one of the two brushes, apply liberally over the area. Wait till the primer has dried and then apply another coat. When this coat is dry, repeat it one more time – in total, three coats.

5. After a few hours, stir up the paint thoroughly. Apply the paint with the remaining clean brush. Wait till the paint dries and repeat this a total of three times. After 12 hours, refit the panels.