Takata Airbags Faces the 'BANwagon'

After Honda and Toyota dropped Takata Corps as their airbag supplier, Nissan has also decided to boycott the automotive parts manufacturer. Nissan Motors said two days ago that they will not be using the air bag inflators made by the Japanese auto parts maker in its cars. The stop is enforced over a major recall of cars worldwide due to faulty design of airbags. To make the situation worse, other Japanese automakers like Mazda, Mitsubishi Motors and Fuji Heavy Industries also said this week that they are considering to abandon Takata’s airbag technology.

"We have decided to no longer use (Takata's) inflators containing ammonium nitrate in airbags for future models," Nissan said in a statement. "We will continue to put our customers' safety first and work to replace the inflators in vehicles under recall as quickly as possible," they added. The Japanese Automaker elaborated that on Monday it will do a repeat inspection of its vehicles in the home country which had initially been cleared of airbag defects.

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According to the U.S. auto safety regulators, the company’s inflators, having ammonium nitrate, which can cause explosion in airbags under the application of excessive force. This can even have other hazardous effects like spraying of shrapnel in the vehicle. This airbag glitch has been responsible for recall of over 30 million cars worldwide, the first recall happening as early as in 2008. If this didn’t cause much agony, the malfunctioning has been associated with several deaths and serious injuries too. The news will surely create ripples in Takata which relies heavily on their airbag supply. Their safety feature equipments count for about 40% of overall sales.

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