Suzuki launches new Access 125 scooter

Suzuki Motorcycle India launched its all-new Access 125 in New Delhi on Tuesday. The Access is a popular scooter which has already sold more than two million units in India. 

The new Access 125 sports a state of the art engine, inheriting the latest technology developed by Suzuki from its MotoGP racing experience and advanced analysis techniques. As a result, the scooter boasts of top class fuel efficiency and powerful acceleration.

The new model has a rigid yet lightweight frame which improves mileage, straight line stability and cornering performance. This is further enhanced by a larger 12 inch front tyre and fine-tuned suspension, to improve road holding performance over rough and uneven roads. Coupled with the optimised CVT settings, the new Access gives a smooth, easy ride on the bumpiest city roads.

“The new Suzuki Access 125 is our flagship scooter,” said Kenji Hirozawa,vice-president, sales and marketing, Suzuki Motorcycle. “Equipped with our SEP technology, it combines the best of both worlds – power and mileage. A complete redesign from the ground up – both cosmetic and technical – ensures that this scooter welcomes any road. This launch reflects our understanding of the Indian consumer and their needs, and is a manifestation of our efforts in catering to the same.”