Superior Species


This is the motorcycle that stirred the soul of every avid motorcyclist the world over back in the early 'twenties. This is the motorcycle that continues to stir the soul of every motorcycle enthusiast the world over.

This is the motorcycle that started it all, definitely amongst the first  production two-wheeler that deserved to be termed as a true superbike. They were worthy of hitting 160 kph as soon as they left the factory. In fact, they came with a signed guarantee that they could do that, if not more. They were rare then, and now, they're rarer than hens' teeth.

I have lusted over this motorcycle for ages, in fact, as far as I can remember. I remember reading once about it in an old book that belonged to my dad. Okay, so I was too young to read, but I stared at those old black and white photographs of the motorcycle. Every time I saw that book lying around, I would turn to page number 36; yes, I was hooked.

When I met the Superior on a trip to Germany, albeit a smaller sibling, it was standing in a museum, mute and lonely. It just stared at me, like a corpse. I somehow knew the time was fast approaching, the time when I actually made my acquaintance with the one motorcycle that has dominated my dreams for ages.

Yes, this glorious motorcycle from an even more venerable marque is in the forthcoming Summer of Speed issue of BS Motoring - alive, well and breathing fire. That story has written itself in my mind a million times over and yet, this time around, it's totally different from what I had envisioned.

Check out this year's Summer of Speed issue of BS Motoring for this motorcycle and more. I promise you this, you will not be disappointed.