Stuntastic news! Chris Pfeiffer is coming to town!



Unbelievable, isn’t it? It’s news that will make stunters and motorcycle enthusiasts all over India do quadruple backflips. (Send us a video if you actually pull that one off) One of the best, most respected and most famous motorcycle stunters in the world, Chris Pfeiffer, is coming to India to put on a show at multiple locations across India. Riding the BMW F800R, his style is unique and his tricks will blow people’s minds. He is 4-times World Stunt Riding Champion, 4-times European Stunt Riding Champion, Winner Stuntwars 2006
and 4-times Erzberg Red Bull Harescramble Winner.   The stunt shows will be held at Delhi, Banglore, Chennai, Bombay and Hyderabad from 29th April to the 7th of May. Watch this space for more details. Oh and thank you Redbull for bringing CP over to our shores!   What would be the one question you would like to ask Chris? Let us know! Post up your questions on the BSM Forum.