State transport ministers call for liberalising intra-city taxi permit system

The Group of Ministers (GoM) set up by the ministry of road transport and highways, comprising ministers from different states, has  recommended liberalising the intra-city taxi permit system and other automobile aggregation policy.
The GoM, headed by Yoonus Khan, the Rajasthan transport minister, held its third meeting in Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. It recommended liberalising city taxi permit schemes, but said the operators must follow rules relating to fares, fuel and safety as mandated by transport departments.
It also called for an upper cap for fares to be fixed by the transport departments. While aggregators could be permitted to operate in the space, they have to aggregate only taxis with legally valid permits, suggested the ministerial group.
Another recommendation related to improving parking facilities for taxis and other public transport vehicles in cities, with at least 20 per cent of space being reserved for public parking lots for taxis. The group also called for improving the mechanism for helping accident victims and trauma care facilities. It suggested a comprehensive scheme for improving capacity development for trauma centres and expediting the setting up of such centres.