South Delhi residents to pay more for cars

The south Delhi municipal corporation (SDMC) has decided to raise the one-time parking fee on new cars by between Rs5,000 and Rs1.2 lakh in a bid to curb the sharp increase in vehicles.

The north Delhi municipal corporation had also raised one-time parking fees by two to 15 per cent of the value of the car recently. The east Delhi municipal corporation is also expected to raise the fees.

“The move will hopefully decrease the rate at which vehicles are sold in Delhi and help us in our battle to make it greener and cleaner,” said Ashish Sood, leader of the house, SDMC. “Also the move is essential to create funds for the construction of modern parking facilities required to de-congest public places and bring orderliness in parking in the city.”

About 1,500 new cars are registered in the national capital every day. The metropolis has nearly nine million cars. It is also one of the most polluted cities in India.

The SDMC decided to increase the one-time parking fee by Rs5,000 to Rs1.2 lakh depending on the type of fuel and engine capacity. Petrol cars costing below Rs5 lakh will attract an additional Rs5,000 by way of cess, while cars valued at over Rs40 lakh will become dearer by Rs1 lakh.

The civic bodies collect parking charges from buyers of commercial and passenger vehicles at the time of the registration of new vehicles.