Soon, Tata Motors may start making Nano in Indonesia


Tata Motors has begun to set up operations in Indonesia through its wholly owned subsidiary PT Tata Motors Indonesia. The company is exploring possibilities to produce the iconic Tata Nano from Indonesia, too.

Tata Nano is already sold in markets Sri Lanka and Nepal but is produced in Tata Motors plant in Sanand, Gujarat. It said, “The company is also evaluating options for setting up a manufacturing base in Indonesia to serve the country and the ASEAN region. Significant investments will also be planned for component localisation.”

However, to begin with, the company plans to assemble passenger and commercial vehicles at the plant when it becomes operational in 2013.

Tata Motors said, “Indonesia is a key market for Tata Motors, which has a wide range of products from small cars to buses in passenger vehicles and from 0.5T mini-trucks to 49T heavy trucks in commercial vehicles. The company will begin to launch its products in 2013, for which extensive preparations are now on.”

Tata Motors plan to open 10-15 dealers network in Indonesia by the time its plant becomes operational in next year. Over the next three years, the company plans to set up 60 dealers, 100 workshops and 300 more retailers of spare parts.