Size matters - 2011 Victory motorcycles



In a land where a medium-sized Coke automatically qualifies for a bucketful and where a 'small' block motor will definitely not displace less than 4300cc, Victory truly fits in. The reason why we say this is because of the company's decision to do away with all the engines that are on the lower end of the 1737cc Freedom 106 motor for its 2011 lineup of motorcycles. This engine was first bolted onto the Vision Tourer some time back and now powers all the models through the range. The Freedom 106 is available in two states of tune.

The Stage One motor - powering the Cross Country and Cross Roads to name a few - puts out 92 bhp, while the Stage Two makes 97 bhp with 113 kgm of torque. Another revamp for all of the 2011 models is a slick 6-speed gearbox. Yeah, so Victorys have had 6 cogs for some time now, but this one's tweaked and smoothened up. Novice riders will appreciate the new 'Neutral Assist' feature when it's time to finally pull over after a long day's ride. Instrumentation has also been spruced up and to keep you riding longer and spannering less, the oil change is due only after every 8,000 km.

If this won't egg you on to hit the road, we don't know what will.