Shell launches lubricants for high-capacity bikes

February 24, 2016: As bike makers launch high-capacity vehicles in India, leading lubricants firm Shell has launched a product to meet the needs of these motorcycles. Shell Advance Ultra 15W-50 has been launched in the domestic market by the multinational.

The lubricant, which is being sold at Rs1,051 for a one-litre container, will be available with retailers and motorcycle workshops across India and will also be sold through the Amazon India website.

“The heavy bike segment has witnessed an upward trend in the country,” remarked Nitin Prasad, managing director, Shell Lubricants India. “With India developing into a potential hub for premium super bikes, there is a great opportunity for a lubricant brand like Shell to bring technological expertise to this segment.”

The company has used its patented PurePlus technology which transforms natural gas into a crystal-clear base oil providing active cleansing. The technology provides better wear protection, cleaner moving parts, and improved fuel economy.