Shelby 1000 packs 1200 horsepower in a street-legal, streetable package. 'nuff said


It’s hard not to notice when Shelby says that this is the world’s most powerful street production muscle car. And we think Shelby is on the money. Their 2013 S/C 1000 packs in 1200 horsepower and looks this good. Frankly, for the aficionados, the deal is sealed right there and then.

Based on a GT500, the S/C 1000 is actually quite an achievement because despite the ridiculous horsepower numbers, it runs on pump gas and in relation to the output, the displacement isn’t some ridiculous ship-rivaling figure. The motor is in fact Ford’s new 5.8-litre V8 that has been stripped down, strengthened and rebuilt to withstand the power ground-up. To cope with all that power, it runs a performance cooling system and a proper big brake package. It’s more of a necessity rather than a spec-sheet highlight, we’re guessing. 

The folks at Shelby say that the Shelby 1000 will beat the pants off exotics costing 3-4 times and while that may be true in a straight line, on a circuit, we’re not so sure because the Americans aren’t exactly known for the handling finesse of the cars, more so on big-block muscle cars. Now since the LaFerrari has just been introduced, it would terribly interesting to watch the Shelby 1000 race against those 963 italian thoroughbreds. Shelby-Ford vs Ferrari Round 2. Fight!