SEMA show coverage


The SEMA show is a place where the who's who of the automotive aftermarket (and sometimes even the manufacturers themselves) meet and show off the limits of what's possible with car modifications.We must admit, most of these modifications aren't exactly the most tasteful stuff you'll find, but sift through them all and you're bound to find a couple of things that will catch your eye.

Chevrolet Camaro HotWheels Edition

Take this Hot Wheels inspired Chevrolet Camaro, for example, with a vibrant blue paint scheme complete with Hot Wheels style, er, wheels to complete the package.
We've all, at one point or another, played with, modified, broken and raced scale model cars, and Hot Wheels was probably one of the most prominent names in that industry. This Camaro is a chance to keep that passion going even as you grow older. You can actually buy this car, for a slight premium over the standard car. Us? Well, we're sticking with the die cast models for just a while longer.



Mazda MX-5 Super25

Another year and another Miata concept we're lusting over! We love that Miata, that's really no secret, but with concepts like this Super25 here, we like it that much more.
The Super25 is a concept aimed at the weekend racer, complete with a fixed hard top, a competition roll-cage and 17-inch ZR-rated tyres, it's pretty much the prefect car to take on weekend competitions.
It's not just another hardcore track concept though, it's more of an homage to Mazda's LeMans team in 1991, hence the number 55 plastered across the side of the car.




There's plenty of us that don't like most of the modern designs, prefering instead, the classic lines of older machinery. But technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, so while we prefer the older designs, we'd rather have something modern under the hood. That's exactly what ICON 4x4 is going for with its Reformer series. The D200, based on an old Dodge pick-up design, comes with a 5.9-litre Cummins diesel engine sending over 90 kgm of torque to all four wheels. A lift kit with upgraded shocks and all-terrain tyres take care of the rest.
With specs like these, there's not much that mother nature can throw that will bring this to a halt.



Toyota DragQuoia

Of course, this show, being in america, gets its fair share of drag racing specials which are great for straight line speed.
Toyota promised to bring a sub 9-second car to the show, but at first glance, with only GT86s and FRss around, it didn't seem like they've delivered. Until you catch a glimpse of this insane Sequoia though. With a stonking V8 engine sticking out of the hood and a massive supercharger on top of that, you can be sure that despite being a large SUV, this one was going to put out some good speed!
The DragQuoia, as it's been christened, is a proper family car, if your family happens to consist of four people. There's four racing bucket seats with harnesses, in case you wanted to scare some sense into little Johnny, or some such.
Safe to say, this won't be hitting the production line at the Toyota factory any time soon.