Samsung launches Galaxy J3 smartphone with S bike mode

Samsung has launched its Galaxy J3 smartphone featuring an ‘S bike mode,’ which enables bikers to ride without being distracted by calls.

Once the S bike mode is activated, a caller trying to reach the two-wheeler rider will be informed by an automated answering machine that the subscriber is on a bike or scooter and cannot take a call.

The caller, in case of urgency, can press 1, which will alert the rider. He/she can then stop the vehicle and take the call.

“Samsung is constantly in the pursuit of meaningful innovations that make people's lives better,” Asim Warsi, senior vice-president, Samsung India Electronics. “The S bike mode is a result of that vision. While studying the consumers' phone usage behaviour, we realised that incoming calls are a major distraction to bikers.”

The S bike mode feature will gradually be available across all 4G-enabled Galaxy J series devices. Samsung has also included NFC (near field communication) connectivity in the Galaxy J3, allowing users to activate the mode with a tap on the NFC tag.

The new smartphone is priced at Rs.8,990 and will be available through Snapdeal.