Royal Enfield to stop selling 500cc bikes in India, exports to continue

Bullet motorcycle maker Royal Enfield today announced the end of production of 500cc motorcycles for the domestic market. Royal Enfield Classic, Bullet and Thunderbird 500cc motorcycles will be available for retail in India only till March 31, while continuing to be sold in global markets, the company said.


Royal Enfield ‘Bullet Classic 500’ was launched in 2008. Since then, the company’s hallmark UCE 500cc single-cylinder motorcycle has echoed Royal Enfield's tradition of the long-stroke cylinder, producing an indelible impression in the midset of its riders. These 500cc motorcycles were the genesis of the Classic 350 as we know it today, and have been instrumental in Royal Enfield’s success across the world, the company said.


Announcing the end of production of the 500cc single-cylinder, long-stroke, unit construction engine motorcycles in India, Royal Enfield today announced an end to the production of special series motorcycles, the Classic 500 Tribute Black Limited Edition. 


These motorcycles will be the last in India to carry the long-stroke single cylinder UCE 500cc engine and will be exclusively made to order under a limited production run. Service and spares, however, will remain available for current owners across all dealerships in India.


Said Vinod Dasari, CEO, Royal Enfield: “since 2009, Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycles have proudly set the stage for the middle-weight motorcycling segment in India. The Classic 500 in particular has garnered success for Royal Enfield across various international markets with its sublime retro-chic design and engaging ride experience. As we sign off the last of the Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycles, the Classic 500 Tribute Black is an opportunity for afficianadoes to own a piece of Royal Enfield and motorcycling history.”


The launch of 650cc twin-cylinder motorcycles was an obvious progression for the company and a natural upgrade option for millions of Royal Enfield owners. A higher-powered twin-cylinder motorcycle, the Interceptor INT 650 and the Continental GT 650 instantly captured the imagination of motorcycling audiences across the world. The 650 Twin motorcycles have become a natural upgrade option for Royal Enfielders, progressing from 350cc or even for motorcyclists upgrading from 150cc or 200cc, said the company.