Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 launched!


We knew at the Auto Expo this year that RE was palanning on launching a 500cc version of the Thunderbird, so this was a long time coming, but now, it's finally here, the new Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500!

They haven't just plonked in a larger engine and called it a day though, the whole bike gets a significant overhaul along with a new heart. A new, split-design seat, projector headlamps, LED tail lights and a larger fuel tank are the more apparent changes here.

Apart from that, they've also tweaked the chassis a little, added an eliptical section swingarm and beefier forks up front to give this bike the handling chops to go with the new engine. In the braking department, you've got a system from Brembo, the world renowned braking experts, so you can rest assured it will stop as well as it will go, too.

Royal Enfield claims a total range of 500km now, with the larger tank, so tourers, get ready to get your paws on it.

The Thunderbird 500 is on sale now and is available for a price of Rs 1,82,572, on-road, Mumbai. The 350cc version is also available with all the new features and a 600km range. It starts at Rs 1,43,346, on-road, Mumbai.

Royal Enfield also plans to launch riding gear like helmets, jackets and boots today, so check back here for more updates on that.