Ritz vs i20 Kappa - Hatch-ing a plan


Maruti's latest boy in town, er tall boy that is, is the Ritz. Based on the Swift and larger than the Wagon R, Maruti have effectively priced it a point where Hyundai's relatively new i20 figures. Both raise the bar in terms of build quality, ride and space with the i20 just marginally ahead. Driving dynamics are more or less on par for the course with the i20 steering feeling a bit lifeless while the Ritz could do with slightly better body control. Where the Ritz clobbers the i20 is with not one, but two engines. A new 1.2-litre engine with 85 bhp that is not only refined but rev happy too, while the frugal and well accepted 1.3 DDiS puts things squarely in the Ritz' favour. Hyundai have just the 1.2 Kappa for now that isn't bad but feels underpowered in a car this large. Until Hyundai brings its 1.4-litre, 75 bhp diesel into the picture, the Ritz will continue to stay one step ahead.