Ride sharing platform hopes to capitalise on odd-even scheme in Delhi

iUNIR, a ride-sharing platform for corporate employees, plans to take advantage of the odd-even scheme in Delhi to popularise its app.

The start-up enables its users with easy logging in through their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. It ensures that users get a ride through its unique concept of Pin-based ride match.

For improved safety, it facilitates users with convenient options such as Facial Detection and Distinct Rides for senior citizens and women. It also offers community based ride sharing alternatives for homes, offices and even schools.

According to a company spokesperson, there are about 10 million vacant seats in personal cars and bikes in Delhi, which can be utilised during the days when the odd-even scheme is in force.

Those opting for ride sharing have to pay just the cost of the ride, he said. The company aims to expand its services to Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Hyderabad and Pune, once it establishes itself in Delhi.

The world's largest long-distance ride sharing community, BlaBlaCar already operates in India, enabling ride sharing between cities such as Delhi-Chandigarh and Mumbai-Pune.

BlaBlaCar has more than 25 million members across 22 countries including India.