Ride into the sunset


Nah, it's not about motorcycles but about ride quality in general. It sparked off last week when I had the Audi Q7 4.2 TDI with me for a couple of days. You can read about it all in the forthcoming issue of BS Motoring (May 2010), and learn about its impressive performance and all the jazz it has to offer.

There's generally nothing wrong with it, and frankly seems to be better packaged than most other Rs 80 lakh SUVs these days. Except, probably for its ride quality. I happened to drive it on the Bandra Worli Sealink the other day, which is now riddled with these small speed breakers to keep speeding looneys in control or some such. Well, I missed one of them while travelling along at the restricted speed limit of 50 kph (daft!) and then the car let me know in ways more than one. I could hear the thuds, then feel them a bit and leave me with enough to ponder about the whole afternoon. Yes, the Q7 has a stiffer suspension setup and therefore can't suppress it all, but for its price its largely unforgiveable that it can't.

And to prove a point I walked back into our long-term Xylo the next day, leaving the Q7 at home for the neighbours to ogle at (heh, heh). The Xylo reacted very differently. It went over it like it... didn't exist! Nothing, absolutely nothing caused it any trouble, and it left me wondering whether Rs 8 lakh is all you need to spend if you are looking for a chauffeur driven ute? Answers please!


Was driving the Eeco for the better part of last week and came back rather surprised. It isn't the best handling car around nor does it warm your senses, but it makes a lot of sense for a lot of people. Five seats (or seven), amazing space and practicality for a price that can only be termed 'tempting' make it one of the bargains of the year. And it's doing so well that senior Maruti Suzuki officials are now saying that it's running a six-month waiting period in some markets and that they are now trying to ramp up production. From a couple of hundred units a month for the Versa to 3000 units a month for this repackaged MPV surely counts for a success story.