Renault to enter Chinese market this year

Renault-Nissan boss Mr Carlos Ghosn mentioned to us that Renault is now ready to enter the Chinese market. Renault has been in talks with the Chinese government for a long time and the company knows where it will set-up the plant in China.

Renault Fluence China

Nissan has already been present in the Chinese market, and Renault is learning and grasping knowledge about the Chinese car buyers. Renault’s plant won’t be shared with Nissan and the French carmaker will have its own manufacturing facility.

Today, China is one of the fastest growing car market and Renault will want to make a footprint in this economy. At the moment, there are only 60 cars to 1000 people in China, which is fairly low and there is a huge potential for the car market. There has been a correction in the Chinese market, but pundits are confident that a lot of growth is yet to come. If both the companies would have shared the plant, then we could have expected them to come out with cross-badged vehicles like the Renault Scala— based on the Sunny.

Source : CarDekho - Renault Fluence - Renault to enter Chinese market this year