Renault showcases 'passion for innovation' through seven models

French automaker Renault is showcasing its 'passion for innovation' through seven models at the Auto Expo 2016. They include Renault Kwid Climber, the Kwid Racer, the Eolab prototype, the Sport RS.01, the Kwid Easy-R, the Kwid 1.0 SCe and the Lodgy World Edition.

The Renault KWID Climber draws on the DNA of the Kwid to develop its SUV capability to the extreme. The result is a distinctive personality which suits all types of adventure.

With its high ground clearance, wide track, short overhangs and the specially designed pattern of its tyres, the car is built for adventure off the beaten track. It has all the qualities of an off-roader, including a compact footprint, high ground clearance, big bumpers and side protective mouldings and generous diamond effect wheels.

The interior features superior materials like Nappa leather for the steering wheel and upholstery. The snap hooks, shoulder belts and seat belt straps echo the world of rock-climbing and are another outdoor cue.

The Kwid Racer conjures up the world of racing with 18-inch alloy wheels, low-profile tyres, honed aerodynamics, bucket seats and a roll cage. It boasts of a sporty metallic blue finish. Its wide air intakes are suggestive of performance, while the spoilers and diffuser guarantee outstanding handling.

The Eolab prototype is a major engineering accomplishment in automotive innovation. It is built on a B-segment vehicle platform, integrates around a hundred engineering innovations and achieves extremely low fuel consumption levels of 1 litre per 100 km (for a CO2 emission of just 22 g per km on an NEDC combined cycle).

The Renault Sport R.S. 01 sets out to be one of the world's most efficient GT racers. With every stroke of the design pen, in the body lines and in the detail, the aim was twofold: to make it an iconic Renault vehicle, and to contribute to track performance through a constant quest for aerodynamic efficiency.

Based on the original philosophy of the Kwid - attractive affordable and innovative, Renault introduces the Kwid with the Easy-R Gear Box - an all-new 5-speed automated Manual Transmission (AMT), a technology derived from Renault's rich and successful expertise in Formula 1.

The Easy-R Gear box provides for a clutch free driving experience that combines the fuel economy and performance of a manual transmission with the convenience of automated gear shifting. The innovative Shift Control Dial with three modes (Reverse - Neutral - Drive) has been smartly designed for ease of use. 

The Renault KW1D 1.0 SCe features a brand new 1.0 litre engine with an optimised design for better performance. The 4 valves per cylinder of the Double Over Head Camshaft layout ensures low pressure drop and super-efficient valve lift for a higher air filling; thus allowing the engine to make more usable power at low end, mid-range and high-end rev bands.

The Renault Lodgy takes the next step towards class and elegance with the World Edition. It features a jewel-studded front grille, sporty two-tone bumper, front fog lamps with chrome satin finish, front and rear skid plates as well as anthracite finish alloy wheels.