Renault-Nissan eye 10 percent market share in Indian auto industry

Renault in alliance with Nissan is eyeing to capture 10 percent of Indian passenger vehicles market share. As evident, 2013 was not among the best of years for the companies but it is expected that 2014 would ease some pressure and better things off for the automotive industry. Furthermore, plans are also being chalked out of expansion of arsenal by launching some new models by Renault-Nissan.

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Carlos Ghosn, Renault-Nissan Alliance Chief, commented on the same, "We will obviously move up in terms of market share, because we are moving from a very low level. We are today practically insignificant in the Indian market. But our target is a 10 per cent market share of the Indian market". He further added, " In 2014, you are going to see a lot of new products coming from Renault & Nissan". In the last year, the companies witnessed a downfall of 9 percent in the sales charts, owing to the economic slowdown persisting in the country.

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Carlos Ghosn didn't just stop here and further expressed his views, ""when you look at the level of motorization of the country we are still below 100 cars for 1,000 inhabitant residents in India, while for countries like Brazil it is 200. "When you move to India, you cannot be in regret. It is a very sophisticated country. It is a very sophisticated market,"

Source : CarDekho - Renault-Nissan eye 10 percent market share in Indian auto industry