Renault launches new Duster App in India

Renault, which recently launched its compact SUV, the new Renault Duster in the Indian market, has also launched the “Renault Duster App” on the Google play store. 

The app helps customers to connect with their car for various adventure trails, while one can also book the Renault Duster through the app.

Priced at Rs. 8.46 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), the new car features 32 new design and mechanical upgrades as compared to the previous generation model.

The new Renault Duster App brings in a lot of features to help connect customers with their Renault Duster.

Know the car feature provides specific information about the vehicle. One can get detailed information by navigating through the various features available on the new Renault Duster. Prospective customers can check out the complete specifications of the car across variants while one can choose the different colour shades of the car and also select the kind of terrain which helps in giving a proper perspective of the car. One can also check out the city wise prices of the car as well as download wallpapers and videos of the Duster.

The Dare to Travel section is divided into two parts: Adventure Guide and Leave the City behind. The Adventure Guide consists of different adventure trails like, River Crossing, Dirt Hill Racing, Mountain Terrain Traversing, Sand Dunes Bashing, Muddy Track Trails and Snow Drifting. The Leave the City behind section lets you select your city and choose the various destinations available. This is in accordance with Renault’s “Leave the mundane city life behind” philosophy and goes on an adventure ride.

Gang of Dusters is a customer-centric programme to go on long drives with fellow Duster owners. You need to register and take your Duster on long drives on pre-defined routes. The first drive took place in August last year and was called the West Coast Expedition. Since then various adventure rides have been planned and executed. Other activities include off road rallies, rock climbing, wildlife safaris etc. One can also avail various privileges and offers on accessories, labour as well as insurance.

Under the Book Now section, prospective customers can directly book a new Renault Duster through the app by filling in personal details. Customers also get to select the variant, colour, city as well as different dealerships to book their cars from.