Rantings, the first of many


This is my first blog, ever. I'm not really the kind that loves to tell the world what's happening in my life or in the space around me. It's not because I'm secretive, but just that my life isn't as happening as other people, like Paris Hilton's for example. My world revolves largely around motorcycles and cars, and that is about the most interesting part of me. So without much ado, I shall delve deep into my grimy oil-immersed self and pour forth some of my gasoline-laced ranting. Here goes..

I respect you tremendously if you ride a motorcycle. It doesn't matter which one, just the fact that you ride one is what's important to me. Fortunately, I am lucky enough to have a couple of bikes in my garage that aren't commonly seen on our roads. And for that fact alone, people automatically assume that I'm a die-hard biker. But that's pretty stupid, really. Another illogical thing is how people gauge you by the motorcycle you ride. A superbike rider is the most superior of them all, a Bullet rider is a continent-traversing traveler and the Splendor rider is a puny wimp who's as passionate about biking as Obama is to Bangalore. The thing is, I happen to know of guys who ride superbikes once a month for about two kilometers on each 'ride', some own Bullets whose tyres have never touched the tarmac beyond the city and a bunch who've ridden to Ladakh and back on things like Kinetic Hondas and even old Lambrettas (back in the day, of course).

Visit any online motorcycle forum, especially the larger capacity bike communities, and the people seem to have large chips on their shoulders. Come on people, you are not what you ride - it's how you ride that matters. If you are indeed the biker that you think you are, the road is your domain, not an online community where you have neither a face nor a name nor wind rustling through your hair. Put your mouth where your motor is, ride! Meet you on the road, then - it's certainly the best place to be! Ride safe!