Quick review of the Tata Indica Vista D90


The Tata Indica Vista isn't the first car you think of when you're thinking of sporty hatchbacks, but with the new D90 variant, Tata hopes to change all that.

The gauge cluster is placed in front of the driver instead of in the centre console, which helps out the aesthetics quite a bit.

A new touchscreen navigation system with bluetooth capabilities takes centre stage in the centre console. Right below that, there's also a fully automatic climate control system.

Despite having a tilt adjustable steering and a height adjustable drivers' seat though, finding the right driving position proved to be difficult. The ergonomics need to be set right for this to become a real drivers' car.


Overall, it's a good package, but it's really not the sportiest hatch around. This D90 trim goes on to correct a few flaws the Indica always had, vis a vis the interiors, but with flawed ergonomics and the extra weight, it's not going to be the go-to car for enthusiasts any time soon.


The Indica Vista D90 comes priced at Rs 5.99 Lakh, ex-showroom, New Delhi


UPDATE: Ex-showroom, Mumbai prices announced


Rs 6.03 Lakh for the VX Variant


Rs 6.63 Lakh for the ZX Variant