Quanto with improved mileage available for Rs 8.96 lakh


Okay, so now, the rest of the team isn’t too eager to take the Quanto off my hands anymore. That’s probably because the AC, which saw an improvement after the last servicing, still makes you sweat in the sun. It’s not the ACs fault, really, it’s just that there’s so much glass area, that the heat makes it into the cabin very easily. I think AC vents in the rear of the car could really help the situation.

Anyway, this worked out quite well for me, because I recently shifted houses. We hired packers and movers, of course, but the Quanto came in really handy when carting around all the odds and ends, like AC units and kitchen sinks, between the two places. Moving is usually not a good experience, but at least it wasn’t more unpleasant than need be.

I’ve also noticed that after servicing, the car runs a lot smoother now and mileage, too has improved.

In fact, on one of our recent runs to Pune and back, the Quanto averaged well into the 20s, going up to 30 kpl even, on the way back. And let me tell you, we weren’t exactly going easy on the throttle either. It’s mind boggling how something that weighs this much, going so fast can still manage such astonishing mileage figures!

I’m not going to be letting go of the Quanto’s keys anytime soon!


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