Pune Yezdi, Java bikers on unique safety expedition to Manali

Pune's Yezdi and Jawa Owners Club (YJOC) organised a unique campaign to highlight the importance of safe riding, by undertaking a 4,300-km journey to Manali.

Twenty bikers from the club joined in the campaign to spread the message of road safety and the need to follow traffic rules. Pune has one of the worst accident rates for two-wheeler riders and most bikers refuse to wear safety helmets despite the rise in the number of accidents.

The YJOC members undertook the expedition from Pune to Manali, travelling 4,300 km to and fro in their vintage bikes. They traversed the distance in a little over 10 days, setting a record for vintage bikes.

The expedition members were aged between 21 and 75 and many of the bikes were also more than 60 years old. Limca Book of Records will be honouring the members for their expedition.

They crossed Manali and entered a valley, and had to travel through roads covered under more than 20 inches of snow.

According to Mandar Phadke, a member of the YJOC, the objective was to spread the message of responsible driving. Bikers were urged to think of their family members while riding on roads. They were also advised to wear helmets, follow traffic rules and not drive vehicles under the influence of liquor.