Public Eye app nabs 17,000 motorists in Bangalore

Alert residents of Bangalore have reported more than 17,000 violations relating to number plates by informing the traffic police through its unique Public Eye app.

Just five months after its launch, the app has caught the imagination of Bangaloreans who have kept an eye open for such violations. According to Bangalore police, of the 17,455 cases of violation reported by citizens, 9,087 cases have been booked.

It is quite common in many Indian cities for motorists to use fancy number plates, personalised numbers and elaborately designed plates, which often confuse citizens wanting to complain about traffic violations.

According to a Bangalore police spokesperson, a common violation is to use words instead of numerals – for instance BOSS in lieu of 8055. Others use tiny fonts or over-size number plates, which confuses other motorists, pedestrians and even traffic cops.

The police impose a fine of Rs400, which has to be paid on the spot by those violating the rules.

The Bangalore traffic police has been proactively seeking cooperation of ordinary residents in its drive to haul violators of various traffic rules. In 2015, it booked 77,000 people for various traffic violations.