One more out and about



The Yellow Fever project has now come to a close. This motorcycle has been a first of sorts for me in many ways. I've never worked on a Japanese two stroke before. And I've always strived to restore every motorcycle I've worked on to a standard closest to what the factory had rolled the bike out as - as original as possible. But with Yellow Fever, the bike looks, feels and rides like no bone-stock RX 100. Heck, save for the engine, frame and rear shocks, everything else belonged to any motorcycle but the RX 100.

But there have been some similarities with this project with the others as well. First being that I got home Yellow Fever in a sack full of parts. From there on, it has been a manic spree of collecting what I need and hoarding what I don't. Secondly, I didn't know whether it would run till the motorcycle was on it's wheels. Thankfully, it had enough good karma to start up in the second kick. Whew.

There's something about projects that makes me look forward to every moment I can scavenge for myself. Free time? What's that? But when the machine that you have beaten, welded and bolted into shape rolls out of your garage for the first time, it's an awesome feeling.