On your mark!


Here’s some good news for four-wheel adventure lovers. Mahindra & Mahindra has launched its “Adventure” initiative, a platform through which the SUV manufacturer will organise exciting drives throughout the country. The drives are, of course, an excellent way to showcase M&M vehicles’ off-road abilities as proven time and again at the many Great Escapes held over the years. Speaking of which, the number of Great Escapes will go up from 10 in 2010-11 to 20 this year — something true-blue off-road enthusiasts will surely be happy about. Under the Adventure initiative, M&M has laid out the following event categories:

1.The Great Escape: Arguably the most popular and the oldest off-roading event in the country, the Mahindra Great Escape has been around for 15 years now. Since it was introduced back in 1996, 70 Great Escapes have been conducted so far. The Adventure division is, however, prepared to organise 20 such events in the year 2011-12 itself.

2.Challenges: The first event under this category will be the Monsoon Challenge 2011. It will be flagged off in July 2011 and is being regarded as India’s biggest time-speed-distance rally. The event will be held for Mahindra owners only and will require the competitors to cover 1,500km over three days for prize money of Rs 10 lakh.

3.Multi-day Escapes: Less gruelling but not any less interesting, that’s what the Multi-day Escapes will be all about. Think Monastery Escape, Vineyard Escape, Royal New Year Escape and Spice Escape.

4.Support initiatives: The ‘Save the Yak’ expedition is one of the initiatives the Mahindra Adventure division has come up with in collaboration with the Himalayan Explorers. The expedition aims to throw light on the decline in the yak population in the Himalayas by travelling over 16,000 km through extreme road conditions.

As if this weren’t enough, the Adventure division will also participate in other national events such as Desert Storm. For off-road enthusiasts and Mahindra vehicle owners, it has never been this good. The Adventure division, incidentally, is led by Bijoy Kumar Y, founding editor of Business Standard Motoring. To answer all your adventure-related queries, a new website, www.mahindraadventure.com, will be up shortly.