Of chalk and cheese



I should have titled this piece Rohin and Kartik. It really is that way. No, Kartik is not particularly edible (at least I can't tell), but you get the drift, right? In the one month that i've been here, i've had more cars and motorcycles at hand than i've had all my life.

So if I set off from home on a black TVS Jive, it is most probable that I will return on a red Yamaha SZ-X. It is not a compulsion, but things usually turn out that way. This confuses the life out of our security guard, who doesn't seem very impressed with my job profile (think early morning shoots/post-midnight returns).

When not riding, i've been driving a Polo 1.2 TDI and of late, a Wagon R, the motorcycle equivalents of which are, let's say, the YBR 110 and the Twister/Jive. Neither is performance oriented (sport-y does not count) and both are frugal machines with practicality written all over them in all caps.

Okay, maybe I have issues, but on more than one occassion I found myself peering into the RHS rear view mirror of a Polo (looking for a boot) to tell whether it wasn't actually a Vento. This is still an exceptional case and so can be ignored. Yes, we have over 200 cars on sale in India, and it takes a hell lot, or Rohin, to tell the difference between each. But when you can't recollect the name of the car you've driven to work in, something's got to be missing somewhere. Daren't suggest Chyawanprash. I've tried.