Odd-even formula: Delhi government flummoxed by exemption to parents dropping children at school

The Delhi government’s plans to exempt cars with parents driving their children in uniforms to school from the odd-even formula – but with no suggestion on how they return home – has resulted in twitterati making hilarious suggestions.

“Sir parents can drop them on even days & pick them up odd days. Problem solved,” someone tweeted to Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi. Kejrwal’s office had sought suggestions from the public on how to overcome the problem, after a Delhi resident raised concerns on how parents would pick up their wards from their school later in the day, since the children would not be there in the cars.

“Thats a real problem. Looking for a solution. Pl suggest if anyone has any ideas,” tweeted Kejriwal. This drew in a flood of suggestions from the public. “Special school uniforms for parents and caregivers,” quipped one twitterati. “keep schools open on alternate days,” offered another citizen. “Sir, teach kids how to drive and make it legal so kids don’t depend upon parents for this,” was another tweet.

The Delhi government has decided to reintroduce the odd-even formula for a fortnight from April 15 to decongest the city’s roads. Women drivers and those taking their children in uniforms to schools are exempt from the rule.