Nissan sees a growth 45.5% this year

Nissans plan to capture 10% market share by 2016 might be a difficult to achieve at the moment, but the brand has seen a tremendous growth this year. Nissan and Datsun aim to achieve a market share of 10% of the Indian car market, with each of them having a share of five percent each.

Considering Nissans this financial year growth, the brand has done very well as it sold 35,011 units in 2014 when compared to 23,927 units that were sold in 2013 (both till December). This is a tremendous growth for the Japanese carmaker as last year, the Indian car market grew by a mere 3.67%.

On speaking with Nissan, Mr Guillaume Sicard, President -Nissan India Operations stated, This year, Nissan India reported profits on the back of the Chennai plant achieving critical massand strong salesgrowth of 45.5% over the same period last year.


For the Nissan brand, Terrano has been the highest selling product this year and we can expect some more new products in the Nissan line-up in the next two years. The Datsun GO was also added this year into the portfolio and now even the GO+ has been added. This is the first compact multi utility-vehicle to enter the Indian market. Nissan also got the facelift for the Sunny in this FY. Mr Sicard continued, Nissan has registered a steady growth in sales owing to strong cross-segmentproductsfrom both Nissan and Datsun brands, offering distinctive, attractive, accessible products that fit perfectly into their everyday lives.

To ensure better reach to the consumers, Nissan has been working on expanding its current service network. Nissan plans to double its current sales network of 158 touch points in the next two years. With the new India business structure, Nissan India is undertaking major brand building activities to strengthen its brand power combined with rapid network expansion and localization and we are very confident of becoming a major force within the market in the coming years, he further added.


Source : MotorOctane