Nissan GT-R looks unbelievably wicked in Carbon & Gold

The Nissan GT-R is a wicked ride on any given road in the world. But when Godzilla (as it is known) makes an appearance at the International racetrack in Bahrain, everyone sits up and takes notice.

The world of supercars is filled with all kinds of exotic machinery; representing the pinnacle of road-going tech at hyper-speed. The Nissan GT-R however, is in a league of its own. There is no one else beyond it, that offers as much as Godzilla does. That having said, it takes a special kind of something to clad an automobile in gold and a supercar as revered as the Nissan GT-R at that. The owner of this special car thought so too and went on to defy convention by having his favourite set of wheels in this livery. The results may not be to everyone's taste, but she does look razor sharp in this avatar. What makes things a lot more palatable is that the insides do not have the flourishes seen on the exterior, so the owner does get props for that.

In the end, there are supercar owners and there are supercar owners; and this one's gone ahead and chosen to snap up his beloved set of wheels in a setting that's just as exclusive - the Formula 1 track in the neighbourhood. We can't help but wonder too, when the Nissan GT-R comes to our shores in 2016, what locations would Indian owners choose?


Source : MotorOctane