Next, you can play Bond in a Bugatti speedboat

Bugatti, builders of some of the world’s fastest and most expensive cars, has partnered with motor-yacht builder Palmer Johnson to create a series of ‘sport yachts’, <I>The Telegraph</I> reported last week.

Imagine an open-top speedboat, 42 to 88 feet long, built of blue morta oak on the topside and carbon fibre in the hull, with ‘salons’ above and below for four guests. Presumably there's a wet bar too.

This isn't Bugatti's first dip in the yacht market; founder Ettore Bugatti designed racing boats and yachts in the 1930s, about the same time he was creating his company's most iconic car designs. He gave one of those boats his daughter's nickname, Niniette, which is the name these modern yachts will carry.

Though some of the Palmer Johnson Niniette's lines are reminiscent of classic Bugattis (particularly the Type 57 Atlantic), the design inspiration here is closer to the modern Veyron, with extremely technical and lightweight materials coupled with luxurious interior finishes.

The design also makes a clear nod to the Veyron's typical two-tone paint job, though the boat's top speed, at 38 knots, comes in about 200 mph short of the car.

If you would like a Niniette in your own home port, you should order one now; a 12-month production time could get it under next year's Christmas tree.

Oh, and your superyacht will be only slightly more expensive at $3.5 million (depending on the trim level you choose) than Bugatti's new Chiron.