Next-gen Honda Fit/Jazz Shuttle official renderings revealed

Honda Jazz (or the Fit) is based on the City platform and this platform is used to make a hatchback, sedan and an estate wagon. The hatchback and sedan are sold in India, however North American and other developed markets mostly get the Fit/Jazz and the Fit Shuttle. We have got the official renderings of the next-generation Honda Fit Shuttle, which will making its way into the Japanese market. The Fit Shuttle has done well in the Japan and it should be unveiled soon in Japan and maybe even Europe could a new key market for this wagon.

Honda Fit Shuttle 5
Honda Fit Shuttle 7

The same 1.5-litre petrol engine that propels the Fit hatchback too will power the Honda Fit Shuttle. This will get a five-speed manual transmission and a CVT (continuously variable transmission) options. The new-generation Fit Shuttle will offer Magic seats, six airbags, touch-screen infotainment system and touch-operation for HVAC, VSA and cruise control.

Honda Fit Shuttle 4

Honda Fit Shuttle

The new Fit/Jazz Shuttle will be longer in length and it will also have a larger boot too, compared to the currently sold Fit Shuttle, which has a shade below 600 litres. India will not be getting this station wagon, as it hasn't been a success in developing markets like India and China. The new Jazz hatchback is due to be launched in India in the coming two to three months. Honda is looking at ramping up its current production, and that is one reason why Honda has postponed the launch of the Jazz in India. The Jazz is likely to be a strong competitor to the Elite i20.

Honda Fit Shuttle 2
Honda Fit Shuttle 3

Source : MotorOctane