New Toyota Fortuner and Innova soon!


Nearly seven years since it was first launched, the Toyota Innova is going in for a major freshen-up. At this point in their lifecycle, most cars generally go through a jump in generation, but not the Innova, primarily because it defines the MPV segment and still has qualities that keep it a step ahead of its peers, as the market seems to suggest. After a minor facelift in 2009 and a slight upgrade to the engine to meet BS-IV norms in 2010, this change may be the most significant so far.

On the outside, the new Innova has new headlamps, with what looks like a new day-time headlight element, a taller grille with horizontal chrome slats, a new front bumper with new fog lamps as well as new clear-lens tail-lamps. The rear-bumper comes with integrated parking sensors on the more expensive ‘V’ variant.

Given that the interiors of the Innova haven’t changed in all this while, Toyota might use this opportunity to make changes to the centre console and instrumentation, as well as add new trim options to the Innova. While there won’t be any change in the footprint of the vehicle, it is understood that some more space may be cleverly found in the third row, using a new seat design, though this is purely speculation at this point. The motor will more or less remain the same, considering an intercooler was added last year, which made the engine breathe better and produce marginally more power and torque. We don’t expect any major changes here, though they would always be more than welcome.




The other vehicle to go through a significant facelift is the Fortuner. Launched two years ago, the Fortuner has been in the international markets for a little longer than that. The changes expected are cosmetic, which means a new, larger chrome grille with horizontal slats instead of the current honeycomb element, larger headlamps, a new front bumper with new fog lamps and the same for the rear. Some minor changes are expected on the inside too, mostly to do with trim and instrumentation, but the changes here could be fewer than the Innova.

Expect the facelifted Fortuner and Innova to hit Indian roads early-2012, with an upward revision in the price-tag.