New restrictions on cars come into force in Delhi

January 1, 2016: With the odd-even formula for cars kicking off in Delhi on Friday, most motorists were seen adhering to the new rules during the morning hours.

The Delhi state government has imposed restrictions on private cars, ordering odd-numbered vehicles on odd days of the month and even-numbered cars on alternate days. The experiment is being tried for the first fortnight of January in a bid to combat atmospheric pollution.

The new restrictions are in force between 8 am and 8 pm. Since Friday was a holiday for most private firms, schools and colleges, there wasn’t much chaos on Delhi’s roads. The full impact of the new rules would be felt on Monday, when hundreds of thousands of cars come out in full strength.

“Delhi has done it,” tweeted chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. “Reports so far v encouraging. Delhiites! U give me hope that U are capable of achieving big challenges.” Kejriwal also tweeted saying he had opted for car-pooling, travelling to his office with two ministers, his personal secretary and joint secretary.

The police were seen stopping violators of the new rules at some major junctions. However, most were allowed to go after a stern warning and fines were not imposed. The new rules are expected to be implemented strictly from Monday.