NEW! Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire review!


Available in 3 Petrol variants and 2 diesel variants, the new Dzire is targetted at the urban resident.

The engines offered are the same as that of the new Swift. The petrol motor is the K-12 M VVT motor that makes 85.8 bhp@6000 rpm with 11.6 kgm@4000 rpm  while the D13A 1.3 litre DDiS diesel makes 73.9 bhp@4000 rpm with 19.37 kgm@2000 rpm. The gearing hasn't changed either.

Among the 3 petrol variants, one (Vxi) will be available with an optional 4-speed automatic transmission. Fitting the diesel motor with an automatic transmission would have hiked up the cost tremendously and hence was done away with. 


The new Swift Dzire is 25mm taller, 5 mmm wider and its wheel base is 40mm longer than the outgoing Dzire.

Despite having a longer wheelbase, the new Dzire falls within the sub-four metre category. This, coupled with the displacement of its engine, qualifies it for a reduction in excise duty, thus bringing down its cost. The price however, is yet to be revealed by Maruti Suzuki. 



The boot space of the new Dzire has decreased as compared to the outgoing model and now stands at a capacity of 316 litres. This has been done in order to allow the car a reduction in the excise duty and based on market survey that revealed urban users hardly ever utilize a cavernous boot.

The weight of the new Dzire is the same as that of the new Swift, all thanks to some clever engineering.

The new Dzire feels the same as the new Swift when sitting behind the wheel. Ride quality and driving dynamics are near identical, which is a good thing since the new Swift is great fun to throw around corners and squeeze out through the straights.


Compact dimensions allow for a tight turning radius of a mere 4.8 metres, making living with the car in the city much easier

The rear seat is all new and not common to even the latest Swift.




Rear legroom has improved by 20mm as compared to the older Dzire.

The new Dzire has been designed primarily for Asia and India in particular. Exports could happen but only in select countries.